Thursday, October 02, 2003

Interesting perspective from the Yahoo Finance message board on how NUTR views Real Food.
Grocery issue is insignificant impact.
by: savinit4later (42/M/Upper Midwest USA) 10/02/03 01:03 pm
Msg: 2435 of 2441

"The whole grocery issue represents a very small part of the company as a whole and has little impact on earnings or revenue. These were purchased a research tool and if they run at a break even situation, it is a big plus. The research that they deliver will be used throughout the vertical integration of the sales structure."

Very insightful post from a former Nutraceutical employee:
real foods employees
by: sgenlot 10/01/03 05:33 pm
Msg: 2431 of 2433
as a former employee of NUTR, i would just like to say;
1.this has nothing to do with whining, and everything to do with illegal business practices.
2. i do not know where you got your info, but who said anything about rehiring employees?
3. as an investor, i would think that you would be more concerned with the actions taken by this company towards not just its employees, but its customer base. we all know that the only reason you are an investor is for profit, and if the long-time, regular customers that were keeping fresh organics floating are refusing to patronize, then where does that leave your pocketbook?

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Beth, a former manager of the Noe Real Food from 1997-98, writes a Letter to the Editor in the SF Chronicle.
Limited closures for '98 Real Food remodel

"Editor -- As a former manager of the Noe Valley Real Food (1997-98), it is with great interest that I have followed David Lazarus' fact-finding and commentary regarding the recent store closing (Lazarus at Large, Sept. 3, 10 and 24)....

"...During my oversight of the Noe Valley store, we did a complete remodel over a period of six months in 1998. It included new check stands and a computerized register system, new shelving and bulk bins, a new five-door freezer, new floor, painting and other enhancements. Only our produce and walk- in coolers remained untouched.

"We solicited help from our vendors and closed the store for a total of a day and a half, but still our customers were distressed. Most of the work was done after closing at night.

"I am sad to see the harsh treatment that this out-of- state company is giving to its employees and longtime customers. The Real Food Co. has been a family-owned and neighborhood-based San Francisco institution since opening the Stanyan location in 1969. The second store opened in Noe Valley in 1974.

"While working in Noe Valley, I belonged to the merchants association and was impressed with its active dedication to the neighborhood. If any neighborhood can rally around a cause, Noe Valley can and will."

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